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posted Jun 26, 14  -  News
SafeCraft is a 'White listed' Minecraft server that is designed to be a safe place for children and the families & friends of children that have autistic conditions to play Minecraft on line.
If you are a child or a family member, or friend of a child with an autistic condition, and you have the PC/Mac version of Minecraft you can apply to be added to the whitelist and granted access to the Minecraft Server.

SafeCraft we created by myself Ellis Deacon (in game name EllisWin) & my wife Michelle Deacon (in game name ShellyWin) after we took part in an autism awareness anti-bullying campaign, and decided that we wanted to do more as a family, so we started SafeCraft, SafeCraft is the first UK based Minecraft server, with owners that are trained in Safeguarding Children & Adults. the server and website have been specifically designed to be a place where children with autistic conditions can play safely, together with their friends & families without being judged, bullied or mistreated in any way.

Some SafeCraft features include:
  • Sophisticated chat filtering software to keep in game chat friendly and supportive.
  • Survival worlds with no PVP and inventory protection.
  • Anti griefing software to protect your builds.
  • In game simple support ticket system for all players to access and ask for help.
  • Mini-games that add enhanced game play to Minecraft.
  • No pay to play, all items within the server shop can be bought with 'Points' which can be earned in game.
  • Friendly, supportive & helpful Admin/Moderation staff.
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults trained Owners & Staff
For more information please read our FAQ and Parent Information pages, we look forward to meeting you all on the server.

SafeCraft Safeguarding Training

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Elliswin @ SafeCraft Survival
posted Mon at 23:04  -  News safeguarding safeguarding childrenSafeCraftsafeguarding of vulnerable adultstraining

When we started SafeCraft, we decided from the beginning that as owners of the SafeCraft website and game server, as admin staff of the server, and also as parents we should do as much as possible to keep the children and the families and friends of children that play on our server safe.

We decided that we needed to demonstrate to people that this is our core belief, and to do this both Michelle and I have just successfully completed training courses in 'Safeguarding Children V3' and also 'Safeguarding Adults' and have received our certificates of achievement and completion.

We undertook our training through the Local Safeguarding Children Board Northamptonshire, with our courses being CPD Certified, we believe that our training should continue, so watch this space for more news.

If anyone would like to review copies of our certificates, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you ready to take part? SafeCraft creative plots competition has started.

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Elliswin @ SafeCraft Survival
posted Thu at 23:29  -  competition creative plotme videonewssummer competition

Head on over to the creative world to start your competition entry.

SafeCraft Summer Competition - Building Have Started!

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Elliswin @ SafeCraft Survival
posted Jul 20, 14  -  Competition Creative worldNewsSummer
Well the competition has started and we are already seeing some great builds taking shape on the plot world, so we thought we would show you a few of them here.

Remember if you want to be in with a chance of winning all 5 official Minecraft books you can enter into the competition which is open to all of our registered users, so head on over to the server creative plots world and start your entry, to find out more about the competition read HERE

So here are what have popped up on the server already:

SafeCraft Summer Competition Time!

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Elliswin @ SafeCraft Survival
posted Jul 20, 14  -  building competition Competition Summer 2014News

Its Summer!!! school is out for 6 weeks! its time for children nation wide to celebrate, let down their hair, relax and have some fun!

Our children love it, and to be honest so do we, and to help us celebrate the summer we thought it would be a great time to have a competition, so here we go....

As you know we have opened up our creative plots world on the server, a world divided up into separate plots of flat land, players can claim a plot of land, and whilst inside their plot they have access to full creative mode, which gives players access to all blocks Minecraft can offer, without having to mine or craft items, direct into their inventory.

In addition to this they also have the ability to fly, this can help tremendously when building some structures, so this is where the competition comes in.

We would like players to claim a plot of land on the creative world, and inside their plot build something that represents what summer means to them.

This could be absolutely anything, it could be a sand castle, or trip on an airplane to another county, it could be having a lay-in their bed, not having to get up for school, it could be something that they enjoy doing more of during school holidays, absolutely anything!

And they have the rest of the school holidays to complete it, so there is no rush, the competition wont close until Saturday the 6th of September 2014.
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