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We have recently updated the server/website shop so that almost everything can be bought with your enjin points.

There are plenty of ways to earn your points including registering on the website, adding in your minecraft character, posting on the forums, voting for the server and also as a gift on your birthday if you are registered on the website, and now as a registered user you will receive a weekly boost of some extra points.

Additionally over the coming weeks we will be hiding points on each of the servers for people to find, which will reward you with points boosts when you find them.

So get registering, voting and posting in the forums to earn your points, top voters each month will also receive extra points.

Points are an awesome way for you to buy items in game, just by interacting with our community you get rewarded with points which you can use to give you that little bit of an edge over other players when playing hunger games, buy one of the kits in store to help you out in your battles, or extend that skyblock of yours with some cool bundles to buy.

If you would like to see other items available in the store for you to buy then post on the forum thread 'Shop Items you want to see' (which will earn you points) and we will add them in.

Stay crafty everyone.

We are pleased to say that all website shop items are now able to be purchased with points, except donation ranks.
If you want to earn points there are different ways this can be done including:

User signs up to the website and becomes a registered user  and receive 200 Points.

Create forum threads and receive 50 Points

For every 2 forum posts you get 40 Points

If you have a birthday we give you 500 points

Add your Minecraft Character to your profile then get 100 points.

Dont forget to vote also as you get extra points for voting each day.

Win Family Survival are pleased to inform you all that we have now added a "Safe Survival” server to our group of servers.

We have always endeavoured to present players with the best in child safe, family friendly Minecraft fun, but having been involved with recent projects such as Autcraft, we have been made aware that we should also be catering for a greater range of players.

WFS Live: Safe Survival is designed to bring that added dimension of a safe place to play where players can be themselves and have fun, safe in the knowledge that they are protected from unsavoury elements that players can come across on some servers.

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