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Win Family Survival are pleased to inform you all that we have now added a "Safe Survival” server to our group of servers.

We have always endeavoured to present players with the best in child safe, family friendly Minecraft fun, but having been involved with recent projects such as Autcraft, we have been made aware that we should also be catering for a greater range of players.

WFS Live: Safe Survival is designed to bring that added dimension of a safe place to play where players can be themselves and have fun, safe in the knowledge that they are protected from unsavoury elements that players can come across on some servers.

A few days ago our host company StickyPiston let us know about a man called Stuart Duncan (AutismFather), Stuart ran a Minecraft server called Autcraft, what is special about this server is that it was created especially for children with autism to play on, and David (Eonic) from sticky piston said, I should take a look at their website, and Stuarts blog, as he was sure I would find it interesting.

My first point of call was Stuarts Blog called "Autism from a Father’s Point of View” the page I landed on was titled "This is a plea to the Minecraft community from the autism community for help on April 2nd

On this page Stuart asked the Minecraft Community as a whole to help him raise the awareness of how badly children with Autism had been bullied whilst playing Minecraft online, recent studies showed that children with autism are 4 times more likely to be bullied than anyone else, but Stuart went on to tell us how in his experiences, he knew that the severity of this bullying was fare worse.

He explained that he started his server Autcraft for children with autism, including his own son, less than 9 months ago, and in that time watched why the number of players joining the server (which is whitelisted) had skyrocketed to almost 4000 people.

Autcraft offered a safe place for these children to play, where they would not be judged, bullied or ridiculed, where they could play happily, without the fear of someone treating them badly, different, they could just like you and I and just be themselves.

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