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posted Jun 26, 14  -  News
SafeCraft is a 'White listed' Minecraft server that is designed to be a safe place for children and the families & friends of children that have autistic conditions to play Minecraft on line.
If you are a child or a family member, or friend of a child with an autistic condition, and you have the PC/Mac version of Minecraft you can apply to be added to the whitelist and granted access to the Minecraft Server.

SafeCraft we created by myself Ellis Deacon (in game name EllisWin) & my wife Michelle Deacon (in game name ShellyWin) after we took part in an autism awareness anti-bullying campaign, and decided that we wanted to do more as a family, so we started SafeCraft, SafeCraft is the first UK based Minecraft server, with owners that are trained in Safeguarding Children & Adults. the server and website have been specifically designed to be a place where children with autistic conditions can play safely, together with their friends & families without being judged, bullied or mistreated in any way.

Some SafeCraft features include:
  • Sophisticated chat filtering software to keep in game chat friendly and supportive.
  • Survival worlds with no PVP and inventory protection.
  • Anti griefing software to protect your builds.
  • In game simple support ticket system for all players to access and ask for help.
  • Mini-games that add enhanced game play to Minecraft.
  • No pay to play, all items within the server shop can be bought with 'Points' which can be earned in game.
  • Friendly, supportive & helpful Admin/Moderation staff.
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults trained Owners & Staff
For more information please read our FAQ and Parent Information pages, we look forward to meeting you all on the server.

Exciting news for Minecraft fans in the UK

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Elliswin @ SafeCraft - Survival
posted 23 hours ago  -  London Minecon 2015 SafeCraftNews

Mojang the makers of MineCraft have announced the location for the next MineCon convention, sadly though it wont be this year, but it will be in 2015 instead, but the most importantly it will be held in

London, England
The announcement reports that Mojang want to put as much effort into the event as they can, which is why they have chosen to break the annual convention routing, which is slightly disappointing that there wont be one this year, but also very exciting as this should end up being one of the best ever Minecon Conventions, SafeCraft are going along to this one, are you?

Read the Mojang announcement here:

SafeCraft New Survival Games Arena Opened Tonight - AJ's Bedroom Arena.

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Elliswin @ SafeCraft - Survival
posted Wed at 22:55  -  AJ's Bedroom Arena NewsSafeCraftSurvival Games
We here at SafeCraft always like to receive input, ideas and feedback from our players, and short while ago we were approached by one of young players who had a fantastic idea for a new Survival Games arena.

The player in question was Ajm0nt0ya who gave us some really good ideas about Survival Games arenas and Plug-Ins he would like to see on the server, a few of them we needed to look at a little later as they would require some Plug-In development, but one of his ideas was so cool, and fun we just had to do it!

Aj said he would like a Survival Games arena based on his bedroom, and was very specific that it should have a desk with a chair and a computer on top, he wanted some toys on the floor and his dog in the arena, we really loved this idea and invited AJ along to the start of the build, when he told us where he would like things to go we kept things under wraps, AJ did a sterling job not letting on to any of the other players, never once telling anyone what we were up to, with most of our conversations being private messages so no other player could see.

We took the decision though to make it a little more than what AJ wanted and decided to keep things a secret even from AJ, we wanted the opening to surprise him as much as anyone else.

Michelle and I worked on the arena almost solidly for 2 days, to get this arena up and running as quick as possible, we didn't want to keep AJ waiting too long, we didn't want him to get too excited!!! 

So today, for the first time we would like to tell you about.......

Survival Games - AJ's Bedroom Arena, and the faulty warp gates.

mummywummy MemberParent This is amazing! What a fantastic project and I look forward to playing it very soon...

Congratulations and well done to some very special players.

Elliswin AdminMemberOwner
Elliswin @ SafeCraft - Survival
posted Tue at 18:23  -  congratulations News Thank YouServer Champions
Today has been a fantastic day for Michelle, all the our children and I, we all unanimously decided that we have some very talented, fun, thoughtful, hard working and supportive players on our servers, and we all decided they need some well earned recognition.

So today we gave out not one but FOUR! Server Champion awards, to four fantastic children who impress us everyday we see them on the server, displaying some fantastic characteristics that they should be incredibly proud of.

First up was AwesomeJacksonP, he was awarded the Junior-Server Champion award for dealing with some quite challenging situations on the server in an excellent mature manner, well done Awesome, keep up the hard work.

Next was ajaym0nt0ya, he was also awarded Junior-Server Champion for persevering, not giving up, and being a great team player, and also for a fantastic idea he came up with for a new Survival Games arena............find out more about this later....its Awesome! well done AJ, your efforts are inspiring.

TheCodedProgram received our next award, he was awarded Senior-Champion, Coded was awarded this for consistently helping out new players, helping to resolve situations, displaying fantastic manners and maturity, Coded well done, keep up the good work, I can see a role for you in the United Nations as a peacekeeper!

Last but by no means least was EnderBenBlue he was awarded Junior-Champion for displaying superb manners whilst playing on the server, being very polite to us and players alike, never forgetting to use his Pleases and Thank You's, a polite and mature young man, whom we are very pleased to have on our servers.

Overall the whole family feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a fantastic group of players visit our servers, we understand that there may be issues from time to time, this is only to be expected, but we are amazed at how quickly players are learning to adapt to differing social situations, and we are so very pleased to be part of our players journeys, we felt particularly humbled today by all the players wanting to adopt the nickname of "Win family members" it was a truly wonderful moment for us all, we thank you all for being so awesome.

Some of the feedback we have had from parents has literally filled our hearts with joy, and we promise to keep doing what we are doing for as long as there is a need for us to do it, thank you everyone you have made our day.
mummywummy MemberParent Congratulations to these four amazing players and to amazing owners for taking the time to recognize these achievements.

New paintball arena to be featured in tonight's YouTube recording.

Elliswin AdminMemberOwner
Elliswin @ SafeCraft - Survival
posted Fri at 15:36  -  Paintball Arena You TubeNews
It has become very clear to us that the most popular game on the server so far is Paint Ball, because of this we thought today that It would be fun to have a new arena for us to use in tonight's YouTube recording session.

We will be recording our game play for an hour from 7pm UK time, so if you want to feature in the video alongside the whole family then you will need to be on the server by then, Please though check with your parents that they are happy for you to appear in the video and for it to be uploaded to YouTube.

In the meantime to give you an idea preview of the arena here are some photos of the arena.

See you all at 7pm.
mummywummy MemberParent I will have to practice my paintball skills and get in your next video along with drwhoeternity :-)
Elliswin AdminMemberOwner
Elliswin @ SafeCraft - Survival
Dont worry, we will be doing other recordings during the week, so he will get a chance to be in some of our videos.
liam260107 Member what a shame Liam goes to his dads at weekends and has no access to minecraft there
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